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JL Legian Kelod NO.396 KUTA BALI


New Salon Open

Salon name ANNA JAPAN
Address JL Legian Kelod  NO.396 KUTA BALI
TEL 082 145 213 980  
+62 82 145 213 980
(International call from Japan)
E-mail anna_japan_2017@yahoo.com

character Concept

Anna Japan is the salon that specializes in eyelash extension and waxing hair removal.

Our concept is "To provide high quality service with reliable skills and safe materials".

We introduce the highest grade of skills and materials.
Everyone who enjoys traveling and lives in Bali, please come to our salon with confidence.

Introduction of owner

National license of cosmetology (Japan)

Certified CIDESCO International Esthetician
  Introduction of owner

Eyelash extension

Anna Japan has been operating in Japan for 19 years.
In addition, we have provided technical guidance at beauticians' school in Japan.
We use the glue (adhesive) of "Mignon Koh-i-Nur Co., Ltd." that is good for eyes.
We handle the extension eyelash, the length of which is 8 ~15 mm and the thickness is 0.15,0.20,0.25 mm.
People all over the world have different preference.

According to your preference, we can counsel and design.
We will make the beautiful eyes of women more attractive and you will be confident in your eyes.
We hope you'll be looking forward to it.

Procedure of treatment
  1. To counsel for determining design, thickness, and length of eyelash
  2. Treatment of Eyelash Extension
  3. Explanation of handling
  1.  120 of eyelashes…Rp 475,000(Members Price  Rp 450,000)
  2.  200 of eyelashes…Rp 600,000(Members Price  Rp 550,000)

Introduction of staff

Nadia reza

Waxing hair removal    September start

VIO hair removal of Anna Japan has introduced high level technology and high quality merchandise made in Japan.

The merchandise "Takumi Dou" made only from Japanese materials.

Doctor of medicine at Hokkaido Cosmetics Research Institute develops it, so we can provide the menu that you will be satisfied with the condition of the finished skin and treatment speed.

Procedure of treatment
  1. Counseling
  2. Treatment
  3. Explanation of aftercare
  • VIO(Brazilian wax)・・・Rp 400,000(Members Price  Rp 350,000)
  • I line+Oline・・・Rp 300,000(Members Price  Rp 250,000)

    Body one part
  • One part of body・・・Rp 200,000(Members Price  Rp 150,000)